This tutorial is more of a rant but it’s something that needs to be said.

Stop selling the exact same products to the exact same niche in the exact same country and expecting the exact same results!

I know it makes logical sense at the start.

You see a cool product on FaceBook and you think “oh, if he can sell it so can I!”. I get it, most of you’s are from the affiliate marketing space where you CAN find a working campaign, dig deep and find parameters that convert for you.

But FaceBook is an entirely different beast and although the same strategy can somewhat be used, there are some big limitations.

First off you have to understand how FaceBook works.

Think of it like a race….

You find a campaign that’s killing it on FaceBook.

Let’s say it’s LED dog collars. You notice by the comments, most, if not all people that are commenting, liking and sharing are from USA.

Let’s also say that the audience size is 200,000.

So newbie you, (or me), decides to launches the same product in USA. It will look something like this.

The Red bar represents your competitor, the guy that’s crushing it and has already shown it to about 60% of the audience.

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There you are, starting from scratch with the people the red guy has already shown his product to, showing it again! You’re playing catch up and unless you have a massive budget and are ready to take a loss at the start by pumping your budget real high so you can overtake the red guy, you’re going to always be showing your product to someone that’s either bought it or seen the ad and decided they won’t buy it.

Lagging behind in sales.

So what’s the solution? Start your own red bar!

Launch the product in other countries. Launch similar products in the same countries. Try another angle. Launch it off a lookalike.

Bottom line, do something different.

Doing the same thing with FB as the other guys are and expecting the same results is a bad play. You must vary something from the formula or you’ll always be playing catch up.

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Written by Mateen