Shopify mostly is the full package. You don’t need a complicated shopify store to sell 1,000s of items.

A good example is the below store that became famous after their very unique harry potter brushes!

Their store is quite simple. It’s just a basic store layout showcasing their products.

But if you DO want to customise it you can install what are referred to as ‘apps’. Just like phone apps are used to customise your phone by giving it additional functionality, store apps can be used to add features that can make your life a little easier.

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You can visit the app marketplace by clicking the Apps tabs on your dashboard. Then simply click ‘Visit Shopify App Store’.

You’ll be taken to a marketplace with more apps than you could ever imagine.

You don’t have to know what they all do but it’s very interesting how much you can customise your store.

From adding vouchers and coupon codes to Automating your orders, the Shopify App store is a great place to start as a Shopify Beginner.

I’ll go through some core apps that are known to help the dropshipping FaceBook and Shopify community.

To install any app you can simply click on ‘Get’ and it will send you through to the installation screen.

Each app has it’s own charge. Some will charge you once off, some will charge you monthly. It’s common to give you a free trial of the app and then move you to a monthly charge.

Many times, these apps pay for themselves. Such as the abandon cart protector that sends out a series of emails to people that add to cart and don’t check out.

It’s common to have a huge abandon cart rate, especially if you’re doing a free + shipping model so even if you can save a few of these abandon carts and covert them back into customers than the abandon cart protector will pay for itself.

Other good examples are product upsell apps where even 1 or 2 upsells will pay for the app.

It’s good to explore the capability of Shopify apps. You never know what you can find and a good marketer will split test different ones to see if it will effect the performance of your store.

I do want to point out however, don’t get caught up spending too much time in trying to install the right apps. It’s not the app that will make the biggest difference in turning a product profitable. The magic will always be in the product. Apps are just there to increase the ROI, add more value or provide a different functionality so you can juice some extra $ with every visitor.

The next set of videos will go through some of the core apps often referred to in Dropshipping & Shopify communities.

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Written by Mateen