Almost every dropshipper had these installed back in the day. In fact, many of them still do. There’s some debate on whether this effects conversion rates or not but in my tests it really doesn’t matter.

It’s still worth mentioning and worth checking out and doing your own split tests with.

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Basically, Hurrify is a simple app that adds a countdown timer to your product page. Each product can have it’s own countdown timer that will keep resetting and you can customise the words to say things like,

‘Only 65 Left in Stock’ or

’45 have already purchased’

(See the timer on the bottom right on this image)


People seem to like being on pages or groups that have a feel of community. So adding an element of ‘people have been here and liked the product’ to your website might be enough to get someone to buy.

This app is doesn’t take too long to configure but you may have to play around with it to get it to do exactly what yo want. The customisability is somewhat limited but it does what’s necessary and that’s all that we need at this stage

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Written by Mateen