The notify app has sparked some interesting debate among the drop shipper community.

It’s another app that tries to give first time visitors a feel of, ‘this site is hot right now’ by continuously generating small pop ups saying ‘so and so just purchased this product’.

You can set it so it goes through your recent orders and continues to generate this pop up. It’s not very in your face but is enough to get the viewers attention.

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I’ve seen it on quite a lot of sites and have used it myself. It also helps navigate visitors to products that are currently selling quite well and definitely increases the time spend per visitor on your store.

Some drop shippers have said that it negatively affects your conversions but I’ve never tested the two.

The good thing is that you can set the frequency of the app. So you can set it to popup only once per visitor or even every 10 seconds. I would split test to see what works the best but this app is completely optional. I’ve sold $10s of thousands of product without this app so it’s not a must have but is worth split testing.

One down side to this app is you expose yourself to competition knowing exactly what’s selling well on your store. If you’re doing big numbers, chances are your store will be targeted by drop shippers. What do you think they’d do if they see a pop up that tells them exactly what product is selling and how many times?

It’s common sense to test the same product to audiences you may have missed.

Just keep this in mind when using the app.

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Written by Mateen