Ok let’s go through how to set up a FaceBook ad for your dropshipping store. I’m going to pretend this is the first one you’ve ever set up so I’ll go through it in detail.

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Once you get the hang of it, it’s real quick and easy to set up a FaceBook ad but the first one might take you a while.

There’s 2 things we’re going to focus on here.

  • The creative, (image, video, copy)
  • Targeting, (who sees your ad)

First, remember how I mentioned we’ll need a FaceBook page to do this? Well, if you haven’t made one yet go make one.

Then fire up your ads manager and click create ad.

This will take you to the ad creating module which is broken down into 3 levels.

Campaigns, Ad Sets and Ads.

We will basically be using Ad sets to tell FB who to show our ad to and ‘Ads’ to make the actual ad that our selected audience will see.

Campaign Level

Here, we’ll just select out Ad Objective and name the Ad.

FaceBook Ad Set

The Ad Set is where we select the parameters to display our ad to our audience. There’s a few things I want to go through here.

The budget is something most people have variant opinions on. I like keeping my spend low and focused on finding that one campaign that will bring me a ton of money. So I just put $5/day and monitor across the next 24 hours.

Good campaigns will show you a ton of clicks right off the bat. Bad ones may give you a lot of social engagement but people just won’t buy. The main metric I’m looking for is ‘clicks to website’ The more people that are actually clicking on the link, the higher your chances of selling something.

After about $3 spend I’ll take a look, no clicks to link? Fail.

Sometimes I’ll get 10-20 clicks to link just off a $3 spend! That’s when I know I got something and I then start to test it in other countries.

Choose your country you want to display your ad too. Remember to not add multiple countries in the same ad set! If you want to split test countries, set up multiple ad sets with just a different country. This is much better practice because you’ll dilute your pool if you add too many parameters making it harder to identify successful campaigns.

I don’t play with the age much. Just the gender. Select it accordingly.

Detailed Targeting is something a lot of people struggle with. It’s a make or break for many campaigns and if you don’t learn it right you’ll struggle.

To illustrate this, I’m going to use an example. Imagine we’re promoting a product for people that like to maintain their beards. Yes, there’s a pretty big community of beard lovers.

An example of a bad target would be ‘beard’ with 39 Million fans on FaceBook. This is called a ‘broad’ target and people connected to this will be a mixture of those that like beards, love beards, are obsessed with beards.

We want to target people that are just obsessed with beard. Why? Because the more the ratio of display vs engagement, the less FB charges us. So it’s better to show our ad to people that are obsessed with keeping beards as opposed to spreading it across to all types of fans.

So what targets are we looking at?

Check this out,

  • World Beard and Moustache Championships
  • Badass Beard Care
  • beards.org
  • Incredibeard


you get the point?

Magazines, clubs, associations, websites, events, etc. Connections people are part of that take more effort than simply liking a page on FaceBook. These are the audience you want and the ones that will engage better than broader targets.

For Placement, make sure you unselect everything other than FaceBook Newsfeed ads. Everything else should be tested separately. Newsfeed ads by far perform better than the rest.

Select ‘post engagement’ for optimise and delivery and automatic for bid amount.

Move on to the Ads Tab.

FaceBook Ads

The Ads tab is where you actually create the image or video that your audience will see on their FaceBook feed.

Creating an ad is quite simple.

You can do one of 2 types of Engagement ads. Ones that appear on your FaceBook Page first by you simply posting it there or creating a brand new ad from this ad section. Creating a new ad that is not on your FaceBook Page is referred to as a ‘dark post’ because it can’t be visited on your actual FB page.

That is, only people you’ve advertised to can see it. If they lose the ad, they can’t go to your page and see it again

There’s upsides and down sides to this. Dark posts hide your ads from your competition but you may lose some customers who visit your page a couple of days after they’ve seen the initial sponsored post but can’t find it again.

Anyway, without going into too much detail, I use dark posts so my competition doesn’t find me and launch the same campaigns before I scale it.

This means I click on the ‘Create Ad’ tab and add some Text and Image/video.

This is self explanatory.

My text is usually nothing flashy, it’s the image that will be doing most of the work. I like my text to be short and simple.

Something like,

Just pay shipping!

Buy here ->  “link”

That’s usually enough. People are simple creatures with short attention spans so most will not read beyond 20 words. Keep it short and action oriented.

The ad image I use is 600×600 square ads. I have used this for years and they’ve done fine. I usually try find images that show clear pictures of the product, preferably a little amateurish. Believe it or not but amateur pictures usually out do professional ones. I think the nature of FaceBook is to be social so pictures of people using your product fits more in line with the FB audience hence the higher engagement.

Sometimes I get my images form the reviews section of the Aliexpress product page where people send in images of the product unboxed etc.

Make sure you check the ‘Track all conversions’ button and that’s it for this tab.

Once you click submit, you’re done! Now just wait about 5-15 minutes and FB will notify you when your ad is live After a couple of hours you can check out some stats and see how you’re doing!

In most cases these parameters will be the same apart from your audience targeting and ad creative. You can simply duplicate campaign and edit accordingly.

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Written by Mateen