Aftership is the best tracking app for shopify dropshipping.

Setting up tracking capabilities on your Shopify store will save you a lot of headaches.

With Aliexpress orders taking anywhere between 2 to 6 weeks, sometimes even more, you can imagine the amount of annoyed emails from customers you’ll be dealing with.

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Aftership can do a few things for your site.

Adding a Tracking Page

Adding a Tracking Page on your Shopify store is great for trust. Things like Tracking, phone numbers, address are all traits of a legitimate store and will increase your conversions.

Aftership allows you to easily integrate a page where customers can use their own tracking number to search where they’re package currently is in the shipping process.

Really good for customers who can get a bit annoyed with lead times.

This is also great for you to check up on some packages. You’ll be most likely shipping 1,000’s of products which means there will be some that can get stuck at customs, be sent back when customers don’t receive them and just generally get stuck along the process. This allows you to see where your package is and contact your supplier so you can minimise these issues.

Dealing with Customers

After ship also allows you to handle annoying customers who complain about the duration and eventually the legimiatacy of your site. Many people have been scammed online or are still a bit hesitant to buy something so when some do, they can send you some nasty emails.

Sending them their tracking details, a link to the tracking store and a screenshot on where their product is along the shipping process usually shuts them right up.

This is a really easy way to deal with these kind of customers as it pretty much tells them that it’s out of your hands at this stage.

Aftership is a great tracking up and should solve any tracking requirements your shop should have along with providing some much needed trust to your store.

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Written by Mateen