People get unnecessarily confused when choosing an ad objective for FaceBook. WC or PPE? You’ll hear these terms a lot.

I get it can be a bit confusing one which type of ad objective to choose when setting up your shopify dropshipping store but for the most part it’s quite simple.

FaceBook allows you to choose a general ‘objective’ when making your add so they know how best to optimise it.

For example,

WC stands for Website Conversions. Website Conversions are events that happen on your site such as ‘add to cart’, ‘purchases’ or even ‘visitors’. A simple visit from a potential customer can be a conversion if that’s the parameter you set.

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Running a WC ad is basically telling FB to send you traffic that is most likely going to perform a specific action. Most drop shippers choose the add to cart WC option because you’ll get a lot more add to carts than you will purchases so FB will have a good amount of data to work with.

The more data you give it, the better it will perform so it makes sense to go with Add to Carts as your ‘optimise by’ selection.

The Website Conversion ad objective is a popular choice but isn’t the only one that has worked for me.

PPE stands for Page Post Engagement and is commonly referred to as Engagement Ads.

These are ads that tell FB to optimise your ad based on the level of engagement it’s getting. Basically, the more a certain demographic will like, comment, share your ad, the more FB will show your ad to this audience.

Whether it be people in certain age ranges, different genders, locations, etc.

PPE ads have done great for me and allow for bigger images. The only annoying thing is that the image is not clickable as opposed to WC ads where they are.

FB does a good job of making the description clear so most people will search the description for a link. Sometimes, I’ll put a ‘Buy from description’ text on the image just in case.

I’ve known ecommerce entrepreneurs to do millions in sales using PPE. I’ve done real well too and most of my campaigns have been PPE.

I’ve had some campaigns with $5 spend net me $500+ revenue using PPE so I’ve always decided to stick with it.

It might be a good idea to duplicate and test competing ad sets with one being PPE and the other being WC but for the most part either one of these will do fine.

PPE ads are also great if you’re utilising video ads.

The other ad objectives don’t really matter. I’ve also used PPE ads to generate a 15k email list with just $1k spend! PPE are great multipurpose ads that bring people that engage the most with your ad. It only makes sense that people that are the most engaging also bring in purchases hence I’ve stuck with PPE.

Don’t get stuck into the PPE or WC debate too much. If the product is profitable it will sell whether you’re using PPE or WC so remember to focus on the product more.

Just choose an ad objective your comfortable with and go from there. Both do a great job but I personally use PPE because they’ve given me insanely good ROI campaigns.

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Written by Mateen