Scaling with dropshipping campaigns is a little complex.

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The golden rule I have is to not touch what is already working.

If anything, just duplicate the ad and start messing around with that instead of the original.

Scaling basically means to find more audiences to market your product to.

You can do this by

  • Testing different countries
  • Testing different/related products
  • Testing Lookalike audiences, (getting FB to make a lookalike of the traffic you’re getting to that specific URL)
  • etc

My first go to tests are different western countries, similar products and Lookalike audiences.

Once these start working you can start split testing manual bidding vs auto-bidding and other ad objective styles.

And lastly, once you’ve figured out the best ads/ad sets, you can break down the ad sets by age groups and placements and manage the budgets of those that are doing really well and those that are doing poorly. This gives you more control over your data!

For example,

Say for these age groups,






You’re getting revenue of,






You know that 46-55 is killing it so you can comfortable increase the budget to a larger amount then the rest.

You can keep 25-35 budgets low and perhaps even 56-65+

This gives you more control over your ad distribution and will allow you to drop your costs while maintaining increased revenue.

I’ve done this many times and have been able to scale my campaigns to over $5,000/day

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Written by Mateen