This really needs it’s own course but I’m going to try summarise the concept and power of using custom platforms.

Of course, the most popular one here is Teespring. But it’s definitely not the only one. In terms of ‘which platform is best’, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is the range of products each custom platform offers.

If we were to just touch upon a few,

pillowprofits is an interesting platform. You have to download the app on to your App Store first. Once you do that you’ll get a big range of products that you don’t usually get at other customer platforms.

Like, leather shoes, backpacks, sneakers, even heels!

Recently they released leather boots

I like new custom products as it just opens up a HUGE range of new products. The possibilities and niches you can go for are endless. Custom merchandise is what made me my first $100k so I know it works great!

Other platforms like viralstyle and prihtful offer their own ranges

From frames, posters mugs at prihtful to clocks at viralstyle, I would encourage everyone to test out custom platforms. You never know which new product range can hit a home run. If you’re one of the first to figure it out then you can be in a category of your own and totally dominate!

Written by Mateen