Not many people sell overseas but those that do realise that traffic is DIRT cheap and many countries convert really well! A lot of my Teespring money was made selling products to Euro and South American countries.

In fact, for a large part, I just avoided USA because traffic was really expensive.

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International markets have their own culture and humour that clicks with just them but many times you can transfer over a product to another country. For these types of campaigns, I make sure I do the below,

  • Translate the ad copy
  • Translate the Product page
  • Add a currency converter app
  • Re-iterate that we ship to that country on the product page and ad copy

You want to make the whole experience easy for people interested in buying and many don’t like buying outside their country.

You should even be split testing it on a store dedicated to being in that language and currency AND domain name!

You will find that abandon cart rates are much higher though but still, there’s a lot of money to be made internationally if there’s an audience size to support it.

For me the below countries converted the best,

  1. Australia, USA, UK, NZ, Canada
  2. Italy, Spain, France, Germany
  3. Brazil, Russia

I always test these countries when I find a winning product in the west and many times I’ve been able to get them working here too!

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Written by Mateen