I’ve been link shortening for years now. What does it mean? Basically using a service like goo.gl or bit.ly to make the links in your descriptions a lot shorter.

I use goo.gl.

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Why? because it gives you some data about the demographic of people clicking on it. I can take this data and compare it with my Facebook results which are usually a lot different.

It also allows me to neaten up my description on my Facebook ad instead of a long and messy URL.

One of the biggest things I use it for is so people can’t find my other campaigns. If they find one and bookmark my site, they won’t find my other ads because I’m using a multitude of different link shorteners.

I would suggest to use them too. You don’t have to sign up or anything. You just need a google email account. You can then go to goo.gl and shorten your link.


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Written by Mateen