Again, this requires its own seperate post but I’m going to touch upon the mechanics of Youtube in general.

Influencer marketing is powerful stuff. Mostly because you can set your own price and find your own influencers/partners that you can work with instead of letting Facebook or Google decide what they want to charge you.

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Same like Instagram, you find a channel with good reach and videos you want to advertise with and arrange a fee for them to post/review your product.

I like to make my own 5-10 second ad for a specific product and tell them to put it at the start of their video and add the link in the description. For them it takes 30 minutes to make a video but for that they can earn $30-$50 even more!

For us? Well we can reach 1,000’s of people specific to our niche with a video add for just $30-$50! This is awesome and I know companies that have grown solely from influencers!

You can contact them by messaging them on their channel or leaving a comment on their video or even finding their blog and emailing them there.

The more creative you can get with your dropshipping or ecommerce business, the more you’ll set yourself apart from others.

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Written by Mateen