Wow! Where the heck did that year go?

I didn’t expect to not post on my blog for a whole year but here we are and I have a lot of explaining to do…

My mindset has shifted since I last posted on this blog.

I’m still as entrepreneurial as ever but I decided to take a back seat and look at what I was doing. Was it what I wanted to do for the rest of my life or is there something more?

I’ve done well drop shipping but the whole drop shipping and selling products from China is slowly starting to get harder to do with new regulations and customer experiences just being negative all around with China dropshipped stores.

The model still works and you can still make a lot of money from it but I don’t want to get stung by a new law that totally shuts down my business.

So I decided to pivot and start something different. – My long term ecommerce project

This blog is famous for dropshipping on Facebook.

Heck, I’ve got over 100 videos on youtube going through just this.

But I wanted to start understanding SEO more and stop just focusing on paid marketing. I understand most concepts of SEO but I decided to buy a website that I could work on and build myself.

Enter a $2,000 purchase from flippa.

Believe it or not, this domain is over 10 years old and has over $200,000 worth of sales! Almost 90%+ organic so no Facebook Ads.

When I bought it, it looked like this.

What does that tell me?

There’s a lot of potential here.

The website was abandoned for the last 3 years so sales have dropped off dramatically. When I bought it, it was lucky to make a couple sales a month but I ran it past my SEO friends who said it was a steal if I could get it for that price.

So after a bit of negotiation BAM, $2,000!

A 12 year old domain with almost all organic traffic that has over 1,000 orders and almost 0 blog posts? Shows me this has a lot of room for improvement.

I’m going to go through this project in more detail in some later videos but just wanted to touch upon it here.

Marketing Agency Work

I’ve been working for myself for almost 4 years. I didn’t know anything when I quit and started entrepreneurship full-time.

I thought I’d work at an agency to get a feel around the overall experience of professional marketers, what they do that I don’t and how marketing campaigns grew certain businesses.

The experience was invaluable.

I learned exactly how the whole process comes together better than I do now.

From having an optimised landing page to an email funnel to Google, Facebook and SEO marketing campaigns.

I knew a lot before but I see myself now as being much more refined.

I spent a good 8-10 months working under some really smart people, learned as much as I could, realized, (again), that business is the only way for me and now here I am, back at it.

Cryptocurrency – Buying and Selling Digital land

Oh man this has been a lot of fun!

Definitely needs to be covered properly in another post but I’ll touch upon it here.

I got into cryptocurrency somewhere mid last year and started investing in a few different companies.

I got lucky with NEO, (went from $8 to $50), and then got obsessed.

Early this year I stumbled upon a project called Decentraland.


Basically it’s a world you can enter with Virtual Reality glasses and build whatever you want on your land or ‘parcel’.

Each parcel of land is worth anywhere between $500 to $150,000 USD!

Just like in the real world where location basically dictates the cost of your land, the same applies here. The closer you are to big projects, main roads and the city centre, the more expensive your land!

You can buy and sell land with just a click of a button on the Decentraland marketplace 

each pixel of land is 10×10 metres when visited by VR glasses. Although the world is not yet able to be traversed, the ownership of each land parcel is still being determined by people buying and selling with each other.

The prices are in a currency called ‘MANA’, currently sitting at around $100M market cap on coinmarketcap and trading at ~$0.10

I’ve flipped around 100 lands and have made about 700,000 MANA doing so!

What’s that? Around $70,000 USD since Jan? Not bad huh?

And I’m sure MANA token will rise as this project gains popularity so my 700,000 MANA might turn into over $100,000 just if the currency value increases!

Anyway, I’m still doing a lot of this and have made a blog covering Decentraland land flipping.

You can catch me there as well if you’re interested in this.

Plans for the rest of the year

So although I’ve been busy the last 10-12 months working at an agency, just being married and generally life taking it’s time, there’s a lot of business stuff I’ve been heavily involved with.

I quit the agency I was working for a few weeks ago so am in this full-time again.

I’ll be focusing on buying and selling more land and building a brand with toyboxcity.

I will be running Facebook Ads once again but this time will be aiming to grow a brand rather than the cheap thrill of making money dropshipping, (although that’s still a lot of fun!)

Watch out for my blog topics covering these topics and my progress with toyboxcity/Decentraland.


Written by Mateen