Before Contacting me, please note the following.


  • I live in Australia which means it’s night time for me when it’s day time in U.S.A. For this reason I’m slow to respond to any emails sent in this time frame.
  • I don’t do one on one coaching. Unfortunately I don’t have time for it. But I can help via group coaching through my work as the owner of It’s Free. I answer every single question along with other professionals who have done even better than me!

Business/News/Media Agencies

  • I don’t promote custom merchandise platforms unless they’ve sold at least 10k+ units and I can personally turn a profit using them. I can’t help you get off the ground but I can help you grow as long as your platform is proven and provides quality products and value to both affiliates and front end customers.
  • I can do video interviews but AUS vs U.S times make it really difficult for this to happen. I’ve preferred just a question and answer type blog post. Send me questions and I’ll be happy to answer them in an interview style

Still Interested in Contacting me?

[email protected]